My name is Lauren Wu. I am from many places, including Toronto, Canada (where I was born), Hong Kong (where I grew up), Boston (where I obtained my MBA), New York (where I worked briefly) and San Francisco (where I now reside).

Please note the following about my name:

  • My name is pronounced "lore-RENNE" (as in "Sophia LOREN"), and not "LORE-uhn"
  • I respond to Lauren, (Ms.) Lauren Wu and (Mrs.) Lauren Liu, but not "Mrs. David Liu". I love my husband, but I do have an identity separate from his! ;-)
  • Even though I'm married, I'm not changing my last name. Perhaps I will drop my surname altogether; like "Madonna" or "Cher"


spinning, movies, technology, blogging, cardio kickboxing, triathlons (new!)